About Us

Briovet.com sells a range of high quality veterinary formulated nutritional products to the Equine, Feline and Canine sectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have a team of qualified nutritionists dedicated to the science of nutrition and sourcing the highest quality nutritional products from trusted brands for our customers.

We have a passion for horses and pets and believe in the difference high quality nutritional solutions can make to the health and performance of animals.

The team at Briovet.com were frustrated with the lack of choice online of high quality nutritional products for the Equine, Feline and Canine sectors.

Out of this frustration Briovet was born. “Brio” means vigor, vivacity, enthusiasm, dynamism, spirit and energy. We believe the veterinary formulated product range we sell online reflects these values for the Equine and Pet markets we are selling to.

Let us give horses, cats and dogs the brio they deserve!

Explore our site, discover our range of products and see for yourself.



Mervue Testing Policy

To meet the growing demand from trainers and all those concerned with racing. Mervue have created the Mervue certified for racing programme.  The program certifies that what is on the label is in the product and that every product is tested for prohibited substances.
All the products of Mervue Equine are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Cork, Ireland under EU licence and GMP pharma quality standard.
Mervue is also happy to confirm that the racing products of Mervue Equine are tested in one of the worlds premier independent , internationally trusted drug surveillance laboratories before being released for use with performance horses.