Dogs Coat and Fur Care: SuperCoat – 150ml


Product Description

A coat and skin supplement for dogs

SuperCoat is a nutritional support for dogs to promote a healthy coat & skin. Supercoat can be used for:

–           Desire to produce a shiny coat / healthy coat

–           Desire to produce a super shiny coat for show dogs

–           Dull coat. Excessive shedding

–           Dry skin. Skin irritations and itching. Red skin & bald areas.

–           Excessive dander

–           Poor appetite


SuperCoat contains highly concentrated and available sources of:

Omega 3 & 6

Are important nutrients that your pet needs for healthy skin and a soft shiny coat.


Chelated Zinc & MSN

Chelated zinc together with sulphur forms the structural tissue know as keratin, and promotes a healthy skin and coat on the dog.


Vitamin E

Proven antioxidant.



A key ‘skin‘ vitamin-important in epidermal tissues, production of hair and skin.



Maintain normal healthy appetite. Promotes growth, food conversion and improves skin & coat condition.



Feeding Instructions: EASY TO USE

Suitable for puppies after weaning

Small Dogs (up to 5kg): 2.5ml – 5ml daily

Medium Dogs (5kg to 15kg): 5ml – 7.5ml daily

Large Dogs (15kg to 30kg): 7.5ml – 10ml daily

Very Large Dogs (30kgs+): 10ml – 15ml daily

*Mix well into food.



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