Racing E – 3kg


Product Description

Natural Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Plus Rumen Protected Methionine & Lysine

Racing E supports:

  • The protection of cells from oxidative damage. Supports the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue.
  • The immune system and improves colostrum quality in horses
  • In conjunction with selenium to stabilise red blood cells and maintain stability of the vascular system

Ascorbic –                               Antioxidant effective

Selenium –                              Vital for the maintenance of muscle function

Lysine –                                    Essential building block for muscle protein

Methionine –                         Methyl donor to improve liver function

B Vitamins –                          Aid  optimum feed intake, metabolism & performance


Feeding instructions:

  • Horse in training or competition (1 heaped scoop)         50g
  • Breeding stock                       50g
  • Ponies                                     25g

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available.


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