EliteFlex Joint and Mobility Health for Cats – 150ml


Product Description

A joint and mobility supplement for cats

EliteFlex Forte has been specially formulated for cats to support maintenance of joints and cartilage and support recovery from injury. In addition natural ageing slows down the natural renewal process of the older cat.

“Cats with mobility problems will generally not exhibit symptoms like a dog and recognising joint problems can be difficult. Behavioural changes are a good indicator of pain. Hip dysplasia is common in cats and will often be a cause of pain and decreased mobility. Symptoms to look for include: Reduces movement, reluctance to walk or jump, decreased appetite, urinating and defecating outside the litter box.”

EliteFlex Forte’s unique formula supports the cats natural mobility containing: Branch chain amino acids Valine, Isoleucine, & Leucine. 

These are an energy source for muscles and the liver, supporting the prevention of oxidative damage to the muscle tissue, improving muscle function and decreasing muscle fatigue.

EliteFlex Forte also contains Taurine which cats do not synthesise adequate amounts of, to meet their body needs.

Feeding Instructions:

First 3o days: adult cats 2.5ml daily

Long Term: all cats 1.5ml daily, feed each cat indvidually.

For Best Results mix well in wet food.


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