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EliteFlex Forte – Veterinary Formulated for Dog Mobility

Triple Action formula for healthy joints and muscles EliteFlex Forte has been specifically formulated for dogs to support maintenance of joints and cartilage from injury. Periods of high activity place additional demands and wear on the mobility of the dog. In addition natural ageing slows down the natural renewal process of the older dog.   […]

Dog Arthritis

Arthritis in your older Dog As many as 20% of dogs greater than one year of age are thought to be affected by arthritis, with the hips, elbows and knees being the most commonly affected joints. Arthritis is the medical term used to describe joint inflammation. In arthritis, the bone, cartilage and the joint fluid […]

Common Cat Health Problems

Keeping your Cat Happy and Healthy How to tell if a cat is sick – A veterinary guide Fortunately, most cats live largely healthy lives, with only a few minor incidences. However, some of the common conditions affecting cats include, cat flu, digestive upset in cats and arthritis in older cats. We would recommend an […]

Common Dog Health Problems

Keeping your Dog Happy and Healthy A Veterinary Guide Fortunately, most dogs live largely healthy lives, with only a few minor incidences. Despite this an annual health check with your veterinary surgeon is extremely important, not only for routine procedures such as vaccination, neutering flea treatment and worming but also because it enables more insidious […]