Nutra-Fix – 1L


Citrate based buffer for “tying up”.

Accumulation of lactic acid in the blood & muscles may cause muscle stiffness, muscle cramping (stiffness) and damage to the muscle fibres.

Lactic Acid build up prevents muscles from operating normally during exercise.

Certain individual horses are genetically more prone to accumulation of lactic acid. A nutritional strategy using Nutra-Fix can aid the reduction or eliminate the incidence of muscle cramp.

• Antioxidants

• Sodium citrate which has a neutralising effect on lactic acid build up

• Citric Acid metabolites act as a buffer when there is an alkali deficiency or if acidosis occurs

Feeding instructions

Nutra-Fix should be added to the normal feed.

Horses in training: 90ml per day in evening feed

After competition or hard work: Feed 120ml

A pump is supplied which dispenses 30ml

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available

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