Super Booster – 60ml


Super Booster is a high performance booster for racing and performance horses.

Super Booster is a highly concentrated multi-vitamin & trace element booster paste for high performance horses. Containing Omega 3 plus 20 key micro nutrients including, Albion MAAC’s which are fully protected to ensure a high level of bio-availability. Minerals in this form are better protected against adverse interactions in the gut and are easily absorbed. MAAC’s are resistant to antagonists such as sulphates and molybdenum.

Feeding Instructions:

SuperBooster can be fed daily as a dietary supplement to horses as a performance booster. It is best to feed 3 days prior to an event or race. Remove cap from nozzle. Turn ring to required setting. Insert nozzle into the horses mouth. Direct towards the back of the tongue and depress plunger to deposit paste.

High Performance Preparation – 60ml daily for 3 days prior to event or race.

Horses – As a dietary supplement 5ml daily.

Or as directed by your nutritionist or veterinary surgeon.

Ponies & Foals – As a dietary supplement  2.5ml daily.


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