Digestive Probiotics: ProBio+ – 15ml


Probiotic recovery gel containing beneficial bacteria stabilising the intestinal flora and physiological digestion in case of diarrhoea or digestive disturbance caused by:

  • Food intolerance
  • A disturbed intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment
  • After de-worming
  • Stressfull conditions
  • Change of feed
  • Poisoning

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times a day

Puppies (up to 3kg): 1ml

Small dogs (up to 5kg): 2ml

Medium dogs (5kg to 15kg): 3ml

Large dogs (15 to 30kg): 5ml

Kittens: 1ml

Cats: 2ml

Feed by mouth or add to food for as long as considered necessary

Veterinary Top Feeding Tips for cats

  • Place the paste on the noise of the cat or front paws and the cat will lick the paste
  • Mix the paste in cat food. Mixing in wet food always makes life easier.
  • Place the paste on your finger and then gently into the cats mouth.

For oral animal use.

Do not exceed recommended amount.